Baths and Bathing in the East – call for papers ASOR 2017


About the 2017 Meeting

The 2017 ASOR Annual Meeting will be held in Boston, MA from November 15th to 18th at the Weston Boston Waterfront. The Annual Meeting brings together ASOR’s vibrant academic community to present their current findings and discuss their research. The conference attracts over 1,000 scholars and enthusiasts of archaeology, linguistics, geography, epigraphy, anthropology, and other fields related to the study of the ancient Near East (see the Conference Information on the ASOR website)

About the “Baths and Bathing in the East” Session

Baths and bathing practices have long been important aspects of archaeological investigation, and they still remain crucial for the examination of the ancient world. New discoveries, technologies, and lines of questioning have greatly advanced our understanding of these cultural institutions and have shed more light on their development and evolution throughout antiquity. This session aims to bring together international and North American scholars to present and discuss resent research on baths and bathing in the Near East from the Hellenistic to the Early Islamic periods. By inviting papers on recent fieldwork, comparative analyses, architectural studies, the social use of baths, and other topics, this session will facilitate and inspire a holistic examination of baths and bathing. The wide geographic and temporal spread of this session will also encourage discussions to focus on comparative issues.

Session Chair: Craig Harvey, University of Michigan

Submission: All abstracts must be submitted via ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System powered by Oxford Abstracts.  The deadline to submit paper abstracts for the 2017 ASOR Annual Meeting is February 15, 2017.

Submit online: English or French

The deadline to submit paper abstracts to the 2017 ASOR Annual Meeting has been extended to March 1


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L'identifiant "Balnéorient" regroupe deux des membres du projet éponyme, Th. Fournet (Ifpo) et B. Redon (HiSoMA), en charge de la mise en ligne des billets. Ces derniers sont cependant souvent le fait d'autres participants au programme. Ils sont dans ce cas signalés comme auteur.

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