Cityscaping and Bathing Culture in Ancient Italy Conference, June 2–4, 2016


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From the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD, the nature of settlement patterns and urbanistic development in central and southern Italy changed significantly. These changes have long been the focus of archaeological and geographical research and continue to be studied in detail. The same period saw the transition from non-standardized early forms of bathing culture to highly canonical Roman bathing traditions, which are particularly evident in this region.
By juxtaposing the results of new research at key urban centers and bathing complexes, ‘Cityscaping and Bathing Culture in Ancient Italy’ traces these parallel developments and shows that they were interrelated: more complex cityscapes necessitated a more advanced bathing culture and consequently generated more standardized spaces for bathing. Both developments, ultimately, were highly dependent on the technical development of water supply patterns.
This two-day workshop presents new research at Pompeii and other central and southern Italian cities as well as thematic and theoretical approaches to the study of urbanism, water supply and bathing culture. The closing table ronde provides a platform for interested researchers from all disciplines to contribute new ideas to this exciting and dynamic field of research.





L'identifiant "Balnéorient" regroupe deux des membres du projet éponyme, Th. Fournet (Ifpo) et B. Redon (HiSoMA), en charge de la mise en ligne des billets. Ces derniers sont cependant souvent le fait d'autres participants au programme. Ils sont dans ce cas signalés comme auteur.

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