A new Bath discovered in Buto/Tell el-Fara’in by an Egyptian SCA team

Since 2008, a Graeco-Roman bath is excavated in Buto/Tell el-Fara’in by a French mission led by Pascale Ballet (univ. Poitiers). See here.

In 2011, a new bath has been discovered in the fringe of the kom, by a SCA team led by Wagy Ibrahim Abd el-Nabi, chief inspector, under the direction of Mr Mohamed Abd el-Rafa Fadl, head of the SCA for the archaeological region of Kafr el-Sheikh.

Dated to the Ptolemaic period, it is in a very good state of preservation. It will be published by Mohamed Abd el-Rafa Fadl and Wagy Ibrahim Abd el-Nabi, with the collaboration of Guy Lecuyot (Cnrs) and Bérangère Redon (Ifao), from the French team.

The bath of Buto (© SCA)

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