Balnéorient: English Presentation

Balnéorient. 25 Centuries of Collective Bathing in the Near East and Egypt (2006-2010)

The Project

The Near East and Egypt, not that much studied in the abundant bibliography on thermal archaeology, are yet famous for the huge number and excellent conservation of their bathing institutions that date from the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Contemporary period, and on which we are informed, in all periods, through a rich corpus of Greek and Arab texts.

These are the very rich data that the program Balnéorient seeks to collect and valorize through the mobilization of the entire Mediterranean researchers who put their work at the service of a shared history on collective bathing in Egypt and the Near East.

Through this very large chronological period, from the Hellenistic period to our present-day time, the issue mobilizes participants from all disciplines; history, archaeology, architecture, sociology. They all take part in the creation of a corpus on this topic and collect, in the field, new archaeological, heritage and historic documentation.


Scientific Supervisors – Contacts

As from December 2006, and for three years, the Balnéorient porject has been supported by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, projet ANR-06-BLAN-0116). A second part of Balnéorient, more international, is already in preparation for 2010-2012; the objective is to manage the rich collected data and address the interest created by the project.

Balnéorient is supervised by Marie-Françoise Boussac (University of Paris 10 – Nanterre) and is composed of four teams:

• Team 1: Maison de l’Orient et de la méditerranée (MOM)- Lyon, Supervision : M.-F. Boussac

• Team 2: The French Institute for the Near East (Ifpo), Supervision: Thibaud Fournet (before him Gerard Charpentier)

• Team 3: Paris 4, Sorbonne University, Laboratoire d’Islamologie, Supervision: Jean-Pierre Van Staevel (After Marianne Barrucand, deceased in 2008)

• Team 4 : IREMAM (MMSH Aix-en-Provence), supervision : Michel Tuschcherer

IFAO (French Institute for Oriental Archaeology, Cairo) is associated to the project Belnéorient (Supervisor for IFPO: Sylvie Denoix and Berangère Redon). Partnership agreements have been concluded with the Syrian General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, which co-organizes the Damascus symposium (nov. 2009), the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt, the General Directorate of Antiquities in Jordan and the General Directorate of Antiquities in Lebanon

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L'identifiant "Balnéorient" regroupe deux des membres du projet éponyme, Th. Fournet (Ifpo) et B. Redon (HiSoMA), en charge de la mise en ligne des billets. Ces derniers sont cependant souvent le fait d'autres participants au programme. Ils sont dans ce cas signalés comme auteur.

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